Cleaner, Healthier, Softer Hair And Skin While Increasing Water Pressure 200%

★★★★★ 7,600+ RATED EXCELLENT

The #1 Shower Head For Clean, Healthy Hair And Skin

  • Filters Bacteria, Heavy Metals, Hard Water
  • Promotes Healthy Hair And Skin
  • 200% Increase In Water Pressure
  • Green Jade, Amethyst & Rose Quartz

"I absolutely LOVE this shower head. Not only are the crystals super cool but my water pressure is way better now, and I'm pretty shocked at how good my hair and skin have felt in just a couple weeks! Highly highly recommend this, I'm never going back to an old shower head!"

Jennifer Brown (Huston, TX)
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Feel The Chakra

There are a number of different types of crystals, each filled with their own healing abilities for the mind, body, and soul. They’re thought to promote the flow of good energy and help rid the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits.

Green Jade Chakra

A protective stone, Jade keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony. Jade attracts good luck and friendship. It stabilizes the personality and promotes self-sufficiency. Soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts.

Amethyst Chakra

Amethyst strengthens the cleansing and eliminating organs and the immune system. An excellent cleanser for the blood, amethyst relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain or stress, and blocks geopathic stress.

Rose Quartz Chakra

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love & peace. It is calming, reassuring 7 excellent for use during trauma and crisis. Rose quartz strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system and releases impurities from body fluids.

I Want Clean Shower Water!

Is Your Shower Water As Clean As You Think?

Can you really trust what the government states? How good are the standards and norms? Be proactive about your skin and hair health instead with the MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head.


Don't let harmful bacteria build up in your shower head. It can pass on to your hair, skin and cause acne and dry scalp and skin.

Heavy Metals

Potentially toxic metals are harmful to humans and over-exposure can lead to dire consequences. Avoid it with a shower head that filters your water.

Hard Water

Hard water minerals can build up on your hair and skin, potentially leading to acne build-up, dry scalp, hair, and prematurely old-looking skin.

I Want Clean Shower Water!

How Would Your Life Change If You Showered With Clean, Soothing Water Each Day?

With MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head you don't have to live in constant embarrassment, worry, and sometimes even pain.


"Love this shower head! Our pressure is terrible and this compensates perfectly. My wife said her hair is really clean for the first time since moving here."

Marry R. (Miami, FL)
★★★★★ 100% LIFE SAVER

"We live the water pressure that this puts out. Alot better the the old one we had. Plan on getting another one for my other shower. Will definitely pass the word along."

Henry D. (New York, NYC)

"This helped with my allergy rashes and my hair is more vibrant and it takes a while for my hair color to fade."

Lucy S. (Los Angeles, CA)

"This product is pretty sweet. I like the mist and control I have over it. Overall, I am satisfied with the shower head and the cost."

John S. (Dallas, TX)
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★★★★★ 4.8/5 | Rated Excellent

Shine Like a Super Star Daily After a Clean & Refreshing MineralStream™ Shower Therapy

It's no surprise that over 10,000+ customers around the world can't imagine taking a shower without MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head and it's selling out fast!

3 Spa Shower Settings

Choose between three unique shower modes: soothing rainfall, powerful jetting mode, and relaxing massage.

200% More Water Pressure

Forget low water pressure issues with this high-pressure shower head. Up to 200% more water pressure when showering.

Economical & Sustainable

The MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head saves up to 30% water usage thereby helping the planet. It increases your water pressure 2x and saves you money each time.

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Simple, Effective & Affordable Solution To A Bunch Of Problems!

Having trouble with any of the mentioned below problems? Try the MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head today and feel an incredible difference almost instantly!

Clogged Pores
Roughness & Fizziness
Scalp Film Formation
Split Ends
Relieve My Struggles Today!

Does The MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head Really Help?

The MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head has a standard connection and fits 95% of the households.

An easy way to think of the ionic filtration shower head is as a miniature representation of the water cycle – but in reverse.

As the water passes through the ‘beads’, it is left softer – providing a better shower experience for users prone to dryness and eczema.

Excess chlorine is also removed, making water smell more pleasant, and further reducing dryness.

Like water naturally filters through rocks, ionic shower heads act as a filter system for toxins and water hardness.

It's Stylish, Effective & It Works:

  • Order yours today with free shipping
  • Replace your old shower head
  • Feel the difference immediately!
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Discover What It's Like To Take A Revitalizing Shower That Makes You Feel Young, Healthy & Safe

Uncover the miracle benefits of MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head today! Try it risk-free for 30 days and return for a full refund if you're not satisfied.

Can A Shower Head Be So Great?

Shower Heads
Filters Bacteria, Heavy Metals & Hard Water
Up to 2 Times Increased Water Pressure
Promotes Healthier Hair & Skin
Saves up to 30% on Water Usage
3 Shower Modes For Spa-Like Experience
Durable, High-Quality Materials
Stunning, Modern & Stylish Design
Approved By Dermatologists Worldwide
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Recommended By Dermatologists & Hair Specialists Worldwide

"I've been recommending the MinralStream™ Ionic Shower Head to women and men for a year now. It's no surprise that they absolutely love it! People report cleaner, more silky hair; smooth, clean, and young-looking skin after using this miracle shower head. I highly recommend it."

Jennifer Brown, MD (Miami, FL)

It's no surprise that dermatologists and hair specialists recommend MineralStream™ Shower Head to patients worldwide.

Must-Have Accessory For Your Home:

  • Filters bacteria, heavy metals & hard water
  • Promotes healthy hair and skin
  • Saves money and is environmentally friendly
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★★★★★ 4.8/5 | 10,000+ Reviews

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Thousands of happy customers around the globe are enjoying a clean and refreshing shower every morning with MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head.




This is how our verified customer rated Mineral Stream™ Shower Head

Based on 1,893 Reviews

Filters Bacteria, Heavy Metals & Hard Water
Up to 2 Times Increased Water Pressure
Promotes Healthier Hair & Skin
3 Shower Modes For Spa-Like Experience

Here is what real people say about MineralStream™...

Anthony H. I already had one that I bought with the shower hose this DOES NOT come with the hose or attachment pieces.. This is just the shower head. Since I already had one it was super easy to replace and works well!!! The beads were filled in both areas full. Good product for the price.

Like · Reply · 1w

Sarah B. This product is AMAZING. YALLLLL My skin feels so soft and my hair feels so soft and zero heat itch and the knots in my back are gone And I didn’t realize how crappy my old shower head was until today when I got this one I’m in love with it.

Like · Reply · 3d

Vicky L. Very easy to install! Love this thing! Definitely serves its purpose until I can get a softener system. Didn't really need to lotion up after showering! Achieved that result after the first use!

Like · Reply · 6h

Jennifer R. I like that it has three settings (the middle one is my favorite). It increases water pressure, allows for shorter shower times and saves water. It’s lightweight, easy to install and worth every penny.

Like · Reply · 2h

Jennifer R. Beautiful shower head, super cute to look at. Very easy to install... I couldn’t wait to try it and next thing you know I was in there getting wet with it. I love all the settings it truly feels like a gentle massage and the rainfall effect it gives is so pleasant. This is truly a spa like showerhead, I’m very impressed, can’t wait to have guests stay over and use...

Like · Reply · 1h

Jennifer R. This hands down was my best buy of 2021 so far. Heard about on tik tok and it was worth every penny. Very easy to installed. What I recommnend is not using too much plumber tape or it will cause it to leak. Take a little of at time if does leak till it stops. I did that and it does not leak at all. The water pressure is huge improvement from what we...

Like · Reply · 28 min

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MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head
★★★★★ 4.8 | 35 Reviews
$89.99 $49.99 45% OFF
  • MineralStream™ Chakra
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Standard Shipping
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Full MineralStream™ Kit + Replacement Beads
★★★★★ 4.8 | 35 Reviews
$189.99 $89.99 55% OFF
  • MineralStream™ Chakra
  • 1.5m Hose Kit
  • Hand Shower Holder
  • Shower Arm Diverter
  • Replacement Beads & Chakra Stones
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Standard Shipping
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MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head + Hose
★★★★★ 4.8 | 35 Reviews
$124.99 $69.99 47% OFF
  • MineralStream™ Chakra
  • 1.5m Hose Kit
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Standard Shipping
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Still missing something? Check out this frequently asked questions section for more details about the MineralStream™ Ionic Shower Head.

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Can I really save money using The Mineral Stream™ shower head?
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  • Filters bacteria, heavy metals & hard water
  • Promotes healthy hair and skin
  • Saves you money & helps the planet Earth
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